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Consulate Finance provides competitive and flexible finance packages for every aspect of your business:

Clubs must continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant to their patrons.

Community and individual expectations are ever evolving, and clubs are expected to provide facilities in line with these changes.

Smoking decks, alfresco gaming and dining areas, specialist areas for the children to play, areas for live music, the list goes on. However, few clubs have the luxury of mountains of cash to spend on these improvements.

That’s where Finance makes sense, we can help arrange a variety of different facilities which will allow you to remain relevant whilst allowing you to maintain your cash.


Consulate Finance are the club finance specialists.

Consulate Finance is a established business specialising in providing finance for clubs & hotels since 2000.

We know about the challenges of managing a modern club – keeping patrons coming back whilst managing cash flow.

Consulate Finance operate across the full range of finance products. We can provide commercial hire purchase, finance lease, chattel mortgage, insurance premium funding, novated or operating lease.

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Interested in saving money?

We can provide a ‘no obligation’ review of your current financing arrangements.

We’ll examine whether you are taking advantage of the very best deals available.

We’ll help you consider all the options. For example, we’ll help you work through the options of hire-purchase versus rental.

Flexible finance

All Consulate Finance’s business finance arrangements are designed to suit your needs. You’ll get the facilities and equipment you need to run and grow at a competitive interest rate and affordable payment plan.

As part of our ongoing due diligence around corporate governance we are able to help directors satisfy their requirements by going to market to ensure the clubs facilities are in accordance with current market rate which is evidence for any queries from members/board as to why the club is with a particular bank.

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Consulate Finance are a part of the S3F Group

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