Novated Lease

Many employment contracts now include a car as part of the package. With a novated lease, the employee actually chooses the car and leases it from the financier.

The employer then novates the lease from the employee and basically takes over the responsibility of making the rental payments whilst they are employed.

Suitable For

Clubs that have employees on a salary package which includes a motor vehicle.

Benefits for Employer

  • This structure gives you the ability to provide a car for an employee without having to show it on the balance sheet.
  • If the employee leaves, the car and the lease go with the employee.
  • Fixed Interest Rate

Benefits for Employee

  • You choose the motor vehicle of your choice; the employer makes the repayments whilst you are employed by them.
  • If you change jobs, the car and the lease change with you.


  • Term 1 – 5 years
  • $20,000 +
  • Fixed Interest rate
  • Numerous tax benefits for both employee and employer
  • Flexible repayments and methods available

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