Consumer Loan

A consumer loan can either be unsecured or secured, a secured consumer car loan will generally be a car loan where the usage is predominantly for private usage.

Suitable For

  • Anyone wishing to purchase goods for mostly personal use.
  • Motor Vehicles, motor cycles, boats and caravans.


  • Depending on your profile, a deposit is not always required
  • You have the option to pay out the loan ahead of its term, there could be penalties in doing so, however.
  • A balloon or residual payment at the end of the term can be negotiated with the lender. This can reduce the regular monthly repayments.
  • Remove interest calculated daily
  • Remove payments may be tax deductible
  • Options available for non homeowners
  • Competitive rates & fees


  • Term 1 – 7 years
  • Minimum Loan Amount of $10,000
  • Fixed or variable interest rate
  • Ability to finance all fees

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Please Note:

Clients should gain advice from their accountant for their circumstances.

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